About Us

Nervesis products evolve from Zygy, a software module powered on Artificial Intelligence. The products are Zygy Gatekeeper, MIDAS and Zygy Streaming.

Zygy Gatekeeper Zygy Gatekeeper is a platform that enables users to login once to access many web apps, windows, networks and mainframes. It also pulls personal notices from many apps in one place making users more alert about their priorities. Admin can manage user IDs in one place. n addition, admin can enforce password policies, access rules from one place.

Midas MIDAS is a Page-Not-Found advertising platform. When a user mistypes a non-existent domain in browser, for example, www.airasib.com, the user will see a full page advertisement (ads), instead of a blend Page-Not-Found page. MIDAS will push ads based on the user’s intent.

Zygy Streaming Zygy Streaming is a solution for Video on Demand (VOD) and live web casting for Video and Audio (AV). It allows streaming at adaptive bit rate to follow accessible bandwith. It supports MPEG DASH (adaptive streaming) and fallback to normal streaming in HTML5 and Flash to allow for viewing in all types of browsers in desktop and mobile without extra software.